Georgian Adventure
Your journey begins amongst the historical sights of the capital, befo...

Georgia Land of the Golden Fleece
The once ancient kingdom of Colchis, Georgia has long been linked with...

Georgia 12 days / 11 nights
Georgia – although a small country situated in the South of the Great ...

Cultural Holidays in Georgia
Georgian cuisine is traditional national culinary style in Georgia. Fe...

Summer In Georgia!
From its green valleys spread with vineyards to its old churches and w...

Wine tour from Tbilisi to Batumi
Wine lovers have a lot to thank Georgia for. It is widely believed tha...

Excursion program 7 days
It’s extremely easy to love Georgia. Formerly famed as the holiday hau...

Georgia 12 days / 11 nights
Tbilisi - Mtskheta - GORI - Uplistsikhe - Kakheti - BOPZHOMI - KUTAISI...

Тбилиси – Кахети – Казбеги – Картли - Тбилиси
Многоцветная Грузия - 298 $ <br>Присоединяйтесь к нам на...

Explore Svaneti
When you come to Georgia, it’s like being born all over again… Your he...

3 days in Khevsureti
Feel the breathtaking beauty of the Greater Caucasus on Hiking, the Mo...

Explore the ancient capital of Georgia

Explore Kazbegi


The Cradle of Wine and “Qvevri”

Across the Mountain Chains of Caucasus

Diversity of Georgia

Following the Thirteen Assyrian Fathers

Gareji- Sighnaghi

Mtskheta- Borjomi- Samtskhe – Javakheti

Mtskheta- Kutaisi

Gori- Uflistsikhe
One day tour to Gori and Uflistsikhe

Mtskheta –Shiomghvime
One day tour in Mtskheta and Shiomghvime


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